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For a long time, the highest level of human pursuit of emotions has been inconsistent. However, as the social form has become more complicated, this situation has become a utopia. Humans calculate each other, even between couples, and the number of couples who join hands to help the elderly is getting less and less, and more is the intrigue between couples. However, this situation has been broken by a fish because they know how to care for their partner.

A study from the Coral Reef Research Center at James Cook University in Australia showed that a fish called a basket fish would help each other while eating. According to Dr. Simon Brandel of the research center, this behavior is more common between mammals and birds, but this is the first time that this behavior has also been found in fish. In the previous theory, fish did not exhibit this behavior. During the observation process, the researchers found that when a basket of fish was foraging, another basket of fish would swim around it. When the fish that was eaten first eats, the fish that has just swum to swim will continue to forage, and the fish that have been eaten will also swim around. I thought it was a coincidence at first, and I found that it was like this every time I ate. After several trials, the researchers thought that this was when a fish was looking for food, and another fish would patrol and alert it to ensure safety.

“The behavior of mutual care between these partners is quite unique in fish!” Dr. Simon Brandel was very excited about the discovery because the academic community had always believed that this kind of partner’s mutual care It involves very complex social skills because one must pay first and then get paid, so scientists believe that fish can’t form this social skill. However, the emergence of this basket of fish made scientists think that it was no accident that perhaps more fish had this ability, which overturned the previous attempt.

The academic community has always believed that fish is a non-community cold-blooded animal with very low intelligence, and social skills must be produced with a higher level of intelligence. For example, humans, primates, and a very small number of birds can have such wisdom to complete the development of social skills. But the basket fish has unexpectedly possessed this ability, which means that social skills are not as difficult to form as the academics had expected, perhaps its behavior is affected by other unknown factors, or perhaps we are The cognition of fish has gone wrong. Maybe the fish is not as smart as we think. Dr. Brander agrees with this inference, and he believes that human understanding of fish may be too superficial, because from this point of view, fish have already had the basic elements of social life, and why did not eventually develop into a group The creature has yet to solve this mystery.

What is certain, however, is that compared to the intrigue between human partners, the mutual help and mutual trust between the basket fish companions are very solid and worthy of our human beings to learn and envy. Because such a loyal partner can help you when you are in trouble, pay for you freely, and share your joy and arrogance when you succeed. Isn’t this the true portrayal of the most beautiful love?

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